Updated 13th September 2019

Dear Colleagues

An update of sorts now that we are two months away.

The international news coverage has concerned a lot of people. Hong Kong is still very safe. Protests in the form of demonstrations that may occur at weekends are largely peaceful. Some radicals have targeted MTR stations (Hong Kong's underground) and some police stations for vandalism. This makes for impressive viewing on television but harm to bystanders has been zero. Protests may move around but they are generally very easy to avoid. Personal safety is not an issue; it's more likely that protests may inconvenience you by impacting traffic/ transport. However, our venue is pretty far from the usual protests areas and should not be affected by them. Just keep an eye out if you go exploring at night, particularly at the weekend.

Since the large-scale airport protest that shut down services a month ago, the authorities have taken out a legal injunction to prevent gatherings at and around the airport, and have been much more pro-active in nipping things in the bud. It's still advisable to get to the airport early but you are very unlikely to be 'trapped' in Hong Kong.

At this point, every one of the International Faculty still plans to come to Hong Kong. There will be lectures, round table discussions and live surgeries on 13-15th November along with Free Paper sessions with Best Paper Prizes. The cadaveric dissection is on the 16th at the newly refurbished facilities at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Gala Dinner is at the exclusive Hong Kong Jockey Club Shatin Racecourse with-free flowing drinks; your dinner ticket includes a contribution to our chosen charity, the Hong Kong Children's Skin foundation that looks after children with Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Everything is in place. We will endeavour to make the 20th International Course in Perforator Flaps a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Early Bird Registration Fees are held open until further notice.

Hope to see you in Hong Kong.

Dr. Tor CHIU
Congress President
The 20th International Course on Perforator Flaps

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Bruce Lee Statue at the Harbourside

Harbour view and a cheap Ferris wheel (about 2.5USD) for an even better view.

The World's Tallest Guan Yin overlooking some luxury flats.

Surely one of the best views from a burger joint (Shake Shack at IFC)

Hill walks take you to beautiful views.

And tranquillity. I was born about 100 metres from this spot.